Why Smart Admin Manager

There are host of reasons to use our application and a few of such prime reasons are listed below;

Easy of Use

  • This software has been developed to make it convenient to use for those with minimum computer literary. We have designed Smart Admin with highly user friendly, clean, dynamic interface with right guidance at each and every step. Those who can handle Whatsapp can handle SmartAdmin as well in the same ease of use. We will make updates in real-time to make it still easy and simple to modify the software as we progress with least disturbance to users.

Value for Money

  • Our prime moto to develop this software was to provide value for the money spent and make this software affordable. This is the lowest priced software in this herd, and you do not find anything lesser than our pricing for these features. Lowest price does not mean we provide poor quality services. Our motto is sell more at less prices and this makes our service lowest priced.

Bundle of Features

  • Our programmers are continuously working in our Lab to improve the features and make it user friendly with highest number of features. We provide free customization as needed by users in the beginning. Thereafter, we provide services against payment for maintaining the software, if needed.

Pay as you Use

  • To make this tool more user friendly, we have customized most of the features which you can buy as you need it else discard it. You pay only when you use it.

Anywhere, Anytime

  • Smart Admin helps you to know the status of all your projects/operations/employees in real time from anywhere and anytime. No need to get frequnet email/update and you can manage projects/programs/employees from anywhere.

Data Protection & Privacy

  • All email id, personally identifiable info, invoice and client data are encrypted with private keys. In the event of network breach, the chances of leaving sensitive information are remote since most of the personally identifiable data are encrypted. This encryption is similar to the process as followed in WhatsApp with utmost care about data security. To make it clear, we are giving screenshot of the encrypted data as stored in our database.
    Vendor / Buyers' Data Vendor / Buyers' Data
    Vendor/ Buyer Personally Identifiable Data Personally Identifiable Data
    Bank Details Bank Details

  • Data are served in a US based cloud based server provider.