Terms and Conditions of Use


DART Info Services Private Limited (hereinafter known as “DART”) is the legal entity of www.smartadminmanager.com and other country specific domains in the brand name of ‘Smart Admin’, linked with the site www.smartadminmanager.com. All such domains will be known as site. Any subscriber of the monthly/annual package will be known as User. Such packages are displayed in the site under Free, Promotional, and Regular Packages.


These terms, together with the email proposal or specification communicated as part of subscription to ‘Smart Admin’, shall constitute the entire contract between DART and the User of this site. Any alteration to these terms must be agreed by DART in writing or email communication.

Price of Services

The price of the Services shall be the price stated in the connected proposal or as displayed in the site or that subsequently given in writing or via email by DART.

DART reserves the right, by giving notice to User at any time before delivery of Services to increase price of Services to reflect any increase in cost to DART which is due to any factor beyond the control of DART such as, without limitation, any foreign exchange fluctuation, significant increase in costs of labor, materials or other costs, changes in employment legislation or tax regulations, or to any change in delivery dates, quantities or specifications for the services as requested by the User, or any delay caused by any instructions of such User or failure of the User to give DART adequate information or instructions.

The price for renewal of Service will be as applicable at the time of renewal, and at any point such renewal price of Regular package will not exceed 10% of the previous year price for the same level of service. In case, it exceeds such claim to be notified 30 days of renewal to consider for refund. This is not applicable to Promotional Packages.

The price for the Services is exclusive of any applicable value added tax, services tax, goods and service tax, user tax which User shall be additionally liable to pay to the tax authorities through DART, if it is specified so.

Free/Trial & Promotional Packages

New User of DART may be provided access to Free Version / Free Trial / Promotional Packages of DART software/tools to evaluate, test and use such Services. Such Versions of the Software/Service is provided at no cost or at discounted price to the user. While using such versions, DART may restrict the length of time, number of days, storage limits, page views, number of participating members and the number of Work spaces created and owned by the user. If the user desires additional services beyond the scope and limitations of such versions, then the user needs to purchase additional Service against the prevailing price. DART reserves the right to modify the terms of the ‘Free/Trial Version’ and ‘Promotional Packages’ of the software including its price, limits specified, days prescribed, features at any time, without any advance notice. Free/Trial and Promotional package are tagged with co-branding which the User can remove by paying additional amount as specified in our portal.

Content Validity

Once the validity ‘Free/Trial Version’ and ‘Promotional Packages’ expires, DART will delete all content, data, information, text, files, documents and images that were created and stored in a week time. In the case of Regular package, we will retain the data for another 30 days more.

No reselling or else use outside of permitted terms

Other than using Services as permitted under terms and conditions of this Agreement or other written agreements between DART and the Company, User may not resell, distribute, make any commercial use of, or use on a time-share or service bureau basis.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

DART will not share, disclose, sell, lease, modify, delete or distribute any data provided by user to any third parties companies except under a judicial process of respective countries.

Upgrading or downgrading your service level


Upgrading of the services is always pro-rated basis.

If User pay monthly, your first payment will be the difference between the higher priced package and your current package price, whereby money received is pro-rated based on the actual number of days until your scheduled monthly payment date. Your regularly scheduled monthly payment date will remain same as your initial purchase date, with subsequent monthly charges at higher package price.


There are limited downgrade options and no refunds. Users that wish to move from a higher priced package to lower priced package must let current service level expire then repurchase at the desired service level.


Any dispute arising of the terms of the agreement will be referred to Arbitration bodies as available over the internet before proceeding with the jurisdictional court of respective countries. We agree to go by the arbitration body - www.net-arb.com to handle dispute if any arises.


If User have any questions regarding this Agreement or if User wish to discuss the terms of service contained herein please contact info@dartinfo.co.in or directly contact at the following address:

DART Info Services Private Limited

#1157, 3rd Floor, 20th Cross

5th Main, HSR Layout Sector 7


India - 560 102